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  • Are you fed up with wasting your time searching for stock photos for your business?
  • Have you used a stock photo, only to see it being used elsewhere by another business, even a competitor?
  • Do you always find yourself saying “Oh if only I had a photo of X”?
  • Have you taken a photo that you submitted to your ad agency or printer only for them to charge you to rework or even retake it because they don’t think it’s up to scratch?
  • Have you paid a photographer to take some photos for your business only to be unhappy about the ‘finished article’?

If you answered “yes” to even one of these questions then you’ve come to the right place.


Here you can learn:

  • How to spend time creating your own and be in charge of your own destiny.
  • How you can make unique photos that you own the copyright to.
  • To take photos of what you think will help move your business forward.

And then you will

  • Stop paying for services that delay your campaigns and
  • Stop settling for someone else’s interpretation on what photos you need.


Despite everything you read to the contrary you can learn to take some great photos consistently to impress and attract customers.

Some of the greatest photographers on the planet, now and in the past, have been self-taught.

Not for them years of study at a fine arts school or university getting a graduate degree in photography.

Now I don’t pretend to be one of the greatest but I am self-thought and like the greatest we all need a helping hand.

And that’s my job

I’m here to help you save time and money by efficiently teaching you through various channels how to take photos.


There’s plenty to read to get you started but for the real nitty gritty stuff, pop your email in the box below and you’ll get content plus, that won’t be on this site, straight into your inbox plus a free guide for your trouble.





Nick Katin

Perth, Western Australia

PS: I forgot to talk about me. Well if you are really interested go to galleries for some of my photos.


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